“‘A Century of Dreams’ is a full-length documentary about the oldest Slovenian inventor, Petar Florjančič, who recently celebrated 100 years. In it, the controversial Peter in his words describes a life that, as he says, is tense as Hitchcock’s films. He sees himself as a hedonist, who through his inventions created the way to a luxurious and exciting life. Among its 400 registered patents are also objects that we encounter on a daily basis, such as dia-slides, spray bottle for perfume, plastic zipper and plastic chain, knitting looms, lighter with side button …. and he is among the first airbags developers. He spent his free time with world stars such as Gene Kelly, Orson Wells, Johnny Weissmuller, Coco Chanel, Jacques Cousteau … Charlie Chaplin himself was next to his neighbor. During the period he lived in Monte Carlo, he also played a minor role in the film Vittorio De Sica with actress Marlene Dietrich. He worked and lived in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Monte Carlo and Switzerland.”

Friday, 20.09.2019
16.00 PM

Director: Ven Jemersic
Portrait, 2019
Language: Slovenian (with English subtitles)

Runtime: 87 min.

Das Filmfestival aus den Dolomiten.

Filmfestival de Gherdëina

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