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Human Life is a documentary film that illustrates the true beauty and significance of the gift of Life, even in the midst of suffering and hardship. Explore the stories of a tetraplegic painter, the founder of a home for abandoned and disabled children, a surfer who lost his hands in an accident, a former Olympic medalist who worked as a counselor in a crisis pregnancy center, the mother of a child with Down syndrome, a holocaust survivor, and many others. Beautifully shot on location in Italy, Brazil and the U.S., with a soundtrack composed and performed by director Gustavo Brinholi and beautifully photographed by the director Luiz H. Marques, this film promises to be a powerful witness to Life in all its stages and challenges.

DOLOMITALE Documentary Competition

Con la presenza del regista Gustavo Brinholi (Q&A)

Italia / Brasile, 2020

regia Gustavo Brinholi, Luiz H. Marques
lingua  portoghese e italiano
sottotitoli inglese
durata 73 min.

Das Filmfestival aus den Dolomiten.

Filmfestival de Gherdëina

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