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DOLOMITALE Documentary Award

This competition is dedicated to documentary films that refer to the Alpine Region. The content can be chosen freely, as long as at least 10 percent of the playing time were shot in the alpine part of Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland or Slovenia. The territorial definition of the “Alpine Convention” is hence regarded as the “Alpine Region”.

Films that are released from 2018 on and do count as premiere on the territory of  South Tyrol are admitted. Films that have already been shown on television or published on the internet are excluded from the competition.

Prize money: 3.000,- Euro

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DOLOMITALE Short Film Award

Every year the DOLOMITALE Filmfestival awards the best South Tyrolean short film. All genres are admitted: from feature films and documentaries to art and animated films. Here, too, the films should not have been released before 2018 and only films that have not been shown in South Tyrol before are admitted.

Participation is open to groups where at least one member of the core creative team comes from or is resident in South Tyrol. And since DOLOMITALE is also a Ladin film festival, all films in Rhaeto-Romanic language are also allowed to participate. Starting with this year’s edition, the length of the short films will be extended to 30 minutes.

Prize Money: 1.000,- Euro


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The term „young gun“ refers to energetic and talented young people who are facing a successful future. The “young guns” of today are known to be the stars of tomorrow. The DOLOMITALE film festival offers them a stage already today.

Films that have been produced in the course of studies or were realised without the support of major sponsors and television stations (so-called independent films) are admitted.

As incentive we offer an unforgettable stay in the Dolomites, the travel expenses and accommodation are on us.

The YOUNG GUNS program will take place for the first time in 2021.

Submission (for the edition 2021)

The film festival from the Dolomites.

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