DOLOMITALE Documentary Award

The DOLOMITALE Filmfestival rewards this year for the first time the best documentary of the Alps. Movies that take part in this competition have to show alpine areas in a political, social, cultural or other way. 10 percent of the film has to been shot in alpine areas, either in Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland or Slovenia. The DOLOMITALE Documentary Award is worth 3.000,- Euro.


– Florian Weigensamer

– Heidi Gronauer

– Raimund Hepp

DOLOMOTALE Short Film Award

Like in the first edition, also in the DOLOMITALE 2019  the best short film of South Tyrol is going to be rewarded. The films have to be no longer than 20 minutes. From this year on also short movies in Rheato-Romance language can take part in this competition. This Award is worth 1.000,- Euro and it will be selected by the present audience with a collective vote.

MOV!E IT Mentoring Price

It will be given to the film director of the best short film of South Tyrol by the jury of the IDM Film Fund & Commission.


– Daniel A. Wunderer

– Ingrid Demetz

– Sophy Pizzinin

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