The GANES at the end of our summer tour 2021

Ganes can be heard live in Ortisei. Or brüm – blue gold – that is the name of the new album by the sisters Elisabeth and Marlene Schuen and their fellow musician Natalie Plöger. Ganes sings in Ladin – „Or brüm“, the „blue gold“, means water, the clear essence of life. A new, acoustic dream journey with Ganes.

Ticktes also available in the Tourist Offices of Val Gardena:
Main corridor: 28,00€
Side chapel south: 10,00€
Side chapel noth: 10,00€
Directions: The Parrish Church is in the center of Ortisei. You can park your car in the Garage Central.
Registration necessary: Yes

The film festival from the Dolomites.

Filmfestival de Gherdëina

Rezia Str. 102, 39046 Ortisei, Italy

+39 0471 796 046

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