DOLOMITALE AWARDS 2021: The winners

“Kühe auf dem Dach“ is the big winner of this year’s Dolomitale. The documentary from the ticino alps was able to convince the jury and won the newly introduced „Luis Trenker Award“.
„The movie reflects through an intense and unstaged documentation the alpine life away from the modern city. It shows the difficulties an idealist has to face. The director managed to break the stereotyped idyll of the good, unspoilt alpine world“, so the statement of the jury.

The award for best south tyrolean short film goes to Elisabeth and Marlene Schuen of the group Ganes. They composed the music for the children’s film „Fulgidusen“. Allowed were short films of all genres in which south tyroleans played a creative role. Six movies under 30 minutes made it into the final round. The winner was eventually voted through ballots by the audience in the room.


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