First cinema drive-in opens in Val Gardena

Film: „The Fearless Vampire Killers“ (Roman Polanski/1967, 108 minutes).

Original in English language with Italian subtitles.

With exclusive making-of material from the shooting in 1966 in Val Gardena.

Musical introduction: Pëufla

When? Saturday, 4th of July 2020 


  • 20:00 first admission
  • 20:30 Pëufla – live in concert
  • 21:00 Recommended latest arrival
  • 21:30 Beginning of the screening

Where? Parking spot ‚Setil‘, 39040 Überwasser

Tickets are available in advance at the counter from the Ortisei Tourist Office or online. The number of tickets is limited!

Important! There must be a radio in the car. It is only possible to leave the event by car after the end of the film screening.

The film festival from the Dolomites.

Filmfestival de Gherdëina

Rezia Str. 102, 39046 Ortisei, Italy

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